Villiers (dianavilliers) wrote,

Where not to grow

Ex-Vegetation on the windowsill of the Fabric Warehouse, Sar street. This is on the way home from Spotlight, and is a dingy space stacked to the ceiling with rolls of fabric. I sometimes leave without buying anything. Sometimes.

I went on an unsuccessful shopping mission today, for coton a broder at Spotlight, a craft and housewares warehouse. For such a large building so full of -stuff-, its astonishing how many things they don't have. I'm also left wondering how many people actually do scrapbooking. There seems to be an awful lot of shelf space devoted to pre-cut, pre-packaged pre-arranged scrapbook parts. Personally I prefer my craft supplies in a less pre-digested state. That being said, I did pick up a couple of cross stitch bookmark kits, which should keep me entertained until I can pick up the coton.
Tags: personal, vegetation
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