Villiers (dianavilliers) wrote,

Open letter to the residents of Styx Mill

Dear Mr "My SUV Makes Up For My Deficiencies in Other Areas" and Ms "But We Let Nanny Use the Old Merc"

I understand entirely your fears for the snowy pristine-ness of the pseudo-grecian columns adorning the entranceway of your hardy-plank McMansion. I can see how one vivid-wielding WINZ client from Aranui could wreck absolute havoc accross the tranquil environs you paid good money for (dammit!). In light of that was really sensitive, gracious and socially aware of you to frame your objection to bus routes through your manufactured community in terms of the danger of large wheeled vehicles to your sproggen instead of just mentioning out the blindingly obvious fact that busses carry CRIMINALS! Blue collar CRIMINALS! Not nice people like the tax-evader next door or the wife-beater two cul-de-sacs over. 

I am surprised though, given your obvious thoughtfullness about the issues facing society today, that you don't seem to have given much thought to the probabal implications of the non-sustainability of fossil fuels in the medium term. The private motor vehicle is, sad to say, on its way out, yes even for those that have worked hard to build up successful investment portfolios, slum landlords and the like. 
I would like you to reconsider your position on busses in light of the fact that the sedan chair carriers you will be requiring shortly will need some way of getting to work.

MOT Drone.

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